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9 Ways to Create Mental Clarity

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Is your head filled with a gazillion ideas of what you want to do? Do you have a hard time figuring out where to start? Are you passionate about so many things that you end up depleting your energy doing a bunch of little things?

Are you seeking clarity? I found this definition of clarity that I believe will speak to you:

Clarity is a noun meaning: Clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.

Ah, freedom. You are seeking freedom from your vision not being clear. You are seeking freedom from having your efforts lack proper focus and intention. Others have been in this situation before and have moved forward. So can you. Here are some ways you can begin to create clarity around your business and your future.


Healing Stones

Tigers Eye is used to focus the mind. It will cause the mind to have feelings of oneness and feel more direct in all thoughts. Place several stones in your workspace to help you focus your mind and benefit from this stones calming and clearing properties. You can find these at our Healing Pages Store on-campus or online.

Check in

Do you have bad habits that keep you from gaining the clarity you need? Do you eat junk food in the afternoon when you would probably benefit from a walk? Start to check in and notice any habits you have that might be holding you back on getting clear about the direction you want to go. Then research the best way to change that habit into a positive one.


You can make your own Mental Clarity Blend by using 2 drops of peppermint oil, 2 drops of lemon oil and 2 drops of rosemary oil. Take a moment to close your eyes, breathe in the aroma deeply at least 5 times. If you put it on your hands you can rub it on the back of your neck after inhaling. Be careful around the eyes because peppermint will make them sting! Want to learn more about aromatherapy? Check out Aromatherapy Certificate of Excellence Program.


Take a look around your workspace. Is it a mess? Sometimes literally clearing your space can help you gain mental clarity as well. Don’t have a designated workspace? See if you can find a small area to dedicate to your work and keep it clean. Work on your computer? Check that when you are doing actual work that you don’t have a ton of tabs open and that you restrict your email and social media during work times.


Take time each day to try and clear your mind. Discover a guided meditation that will help you do that. If you feel like you are experiencing blocks to your mental clarity then you might like to check out the Opening The Door guided meditation CD from our award-winning Hypnotherapy program director Linda Bennett. Learn how to create your own guided meditations by becoming a Hypnotherapist.


Take time at the end of your day to either write down ideas or what you are grateful for or both. This will help you clear your head before bedtime.


Talk it out

If you are constantly in your head when it comes to your business you are going to have a very hard time gaining clarity. Ask a friend if you can bounce ideas off of them or find a life coach who will help you get clear and hold you accountable.


Put on your favorite song and dance. Imagine that you are clearing the area around you as your dance. Feel yourself loosening up, releasing what you don’t need, and getting in touch with your true self as you move.



Bust out at least 3 rounds of Sun Salutations to help you clear your mind and release old energy that is keeping you from finding your focus. Not enough? Check out the class schedule at Spirit of Yoga or become a Yoga Teacher to really make that mind, body, spirit connection.

The biggest thing I want you to get out of this post is that “You got this!” Just make sure you consistently take time for yourself to implement at least one of the above tools to help you gain the clarity you seek. The steps you need to take will become clear.

About the Author, Kerry Burki

~ SWIHA Success Center Blogger

Kerry Burki is Editor of the newly launched KERRY Magazine ~ a magazine that uses real women as models, supports small businesses, encourages you to feel beautiful as you are right now and even has a printable worksheet to help you go after your dreams! She been teaching yoga since 2004, currently teaches yoga + meditation at a local assisted-living facility near her home in Scottsdale, Arizona. Kerry has written two ebooks about self-care (one for everyday and one for creatives) and she has just joined the SWIHA Success Center Team part-time as a blogger, consultant and creator!

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