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9 Ways to Create Mental Clarity

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Is your head filled with a gazillion ideas of what you want to do? Do you have a hard time figuring out where to start? Are you passionate about so many things that you end up depleting your energy doing a bunch of little things? Are you seeking clarity? I found this definition of clarity that I believe will speak to you: Clarity is a noun meaning: Clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity. …

May McCarthy ~ Are YOU on the Pathway to Wealth?

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By Kerry Burki ~ SWIHA Success Center Blogger Are you ready to step into your inner power so you can manifest a successful business? Does the idea of doing that excite or scare you? Or both? Let us help you take that step. Join us at the Spirit of Business Conference and Prosperity Workshop on October 17th. Are you ready to be inspired? Our main speaker, May McCarthy, recently wrote and released The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for …

Welcome home Shelley Tom: Her Life’s Work has been as a “Labor of Love”

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SWIHA is excited to announce the arrival of Shelley Tom as our Dean of Students, on-campus. In this newly created role, Shelley will be hold the mantle of responsibility as the Student Advocate & Success Coach, charged with ‘holding space’ for student’s academic, spiritual and personal growth, building a strong on-campus community, and leading our wonderful Student Services team. Many of you may be familiar with the Hero’s Journey, as it is included in much of the curricula at SWIHA. …

StevieAnne Petitt: 1:7 Ratio for Perfect Social Media Posts

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This week’s vlog comes from current SWIHA student StevieAnne Petitt. In it, she describes how to use a ratio of 1:7 to create social media content that is well-received, shared and engaged with! Her seven main points are listed below: 1) Entertaining 2) Engaging 3) Informational (DIY) 4) Inspire 5) Humanizing (Behind the Scenes) 6) Good Neighbor Policy 7) Promotional About the Author, StevieAnne Petitt Guest Blogger A current SWIHA student, StevieAnne is a published author and public speaker who …

Moving Through the Muck: How Centering Your Chakras Can Center Your Life!

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As a recent or former graduate of SWIHA, I’m sure you can attest to the growing pains you’ve experienced upon leaving school, suddenly tasked with building your own business or practice from the ground up. Of course, you have all of your accumulated wisdom, teachings, experiences, healings, lessons, trials and tribulations to lean on from your time at SWIHA. So what do you do when you get stuck, unmotivated, or caught up in fear and doubt around moving forward? When …

The Greater the Struggle, the More Glorious the Triumph – By Will Zecco

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As a yoga teacher, part of my preparation for each class is to come up with a focus or intention for the practice. This is typically offered through some sort of inspirational reading or compelling offering. My inspiration for the intention or focus for my classes is usually around something that I am currently working on in my life. I figure, how can I ask my students to work on something if I am not working on it myself? In …

What is Whole Food Cooking? Easy Recipe Included

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Plus an easy recipe: Bamboo Steamer Carrots with Cumin & Walnut Oil We often hear the term whole foods or whole food cooking, yet do we really know what the terms mean? The ‘Whole Food’ way of eating is enjoying as many “whole foods” as possible – that is, eating foods as close to their natural form as possible, with very minimal processing. This is the way people were eating a hundred years ago prior to the age of fast …

Holistic Entrepreneurship: Living Your Purpose

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Being a holistic entrepreneur means there is no separation between your love, life, work and spirituality. It’s a way of life that lends to serving in whatever capacity you’re living in that very moment. It’s diving into that path that makes your heart sing; your Divine calling. The realization that you want more than to be a human doing, but to live in your truth as a human Being. Holistic Living is Trending The holistic way of living seems to …

Successful on PURPOSE

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By James Patrick Have you discovered your life purpose? If so, great! If you haven’t, then I’d encourage you to reflect on what that could be and accept that YOU play a unique part in a much larger universal picture. Being successful on purpose is a simple concept that brings a refreshing new perspective to anyone’s life. On purpose, means that it all starts once we realize the greatest power we are given as human beings is the power of …

When Did the Word ‘SELL’ Become a Bad Word?

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By KC Miller It always surprises me when people have a reaction to the word ‘sell’ as if it is something distasteful, dishonest, or somehow disgusting. Often the push-back comes from budding entrepreneurs, who say in one breath they are committed to building a sustainable, successful business, yet in the next breath they say, “But I don’t want to sell anyone anything!” Duh! Consider coaching around the four-letter ‘sell’ word if you feel even the slightest aversion toward it. What’s …