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Looking for a Program Director
Located in Peoria
Posted on January 29, 2018
(623) 376-0467

Renovare Brain Wellness Program Director

Renovare Wellness by Design and Brain Peak Performance is seeking qualified applicants for our Renovare Brain Wellness Program Director position. The Renovare team has created a caring, family oriented environment where each individual believes and is committed to our vision:


“Renovare is about giving the gift of hope and healing to those who are ready for Wellness through exceptional, life-changing, patient-focused care.”

Our patients’ success and growth is supported by:

  • An integrated functional medicine and functional neurology approach
  • State of the art 19 Channel QEEG Brain Mapping and neurobiofeedback brain training
  • Chiropractic neurostimulation
  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent
  • Healing Laser
  • Therapeutic lifestyle change
  • Authentic & caring relationships

These are just a few of the tools and therapies we share to help those with complex, chronic health conditions.

The Renovare Brain Wellness Program Director will direct the continued development of our Brain Room Tech, Wellness Mentor, and Marketing positions. The Director will be key in the growth of the center by working with ownership toward the continuous improvement of our process, systems and training procedures.

It is desirable for the successful candidate for the Renovare Brain Wellness Program Director to possess:

  • Business and marketing experience
  • Professional or personal experience in natural health approaches

Qualified applicants may submit a resume to: drgerhart@gmail.com