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May McCarthy ~ Are YOU on the Pathway to Wealth?

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By Kerry Burki ~ SWIHA Success Center Blogger

Are you ready to step into your inner power so you can manifest a successful business? Does the idea of doing that excite or scare you? Or both?

Let us help you take that step. Join us at the Spirit of Business Conference and Prosperity Workshop on October 17th.

Are you ready to be inspired?

Our main speaker, May McCarthy, recently wrote and released The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance. Just look at some of the wisdom she shares:

May McCarthy

“There is an intelligent and divine source that created the one and only you, you must by your very nature have something to offer the world that is unique and remarkable.”

Do you personally know and feel this at your deepest core yet? Are you ready to get clear on what your offering is?

“As you move out old beliefs, habits, and behaviors that are not serving you, more room becomes available for you to receive all that your heart desires. There is good for you waiting to pour into your life, and you deserve to have it.”

May McCarthy

We imagine you have started moving forward, or that you are continuing to move forward — We want to make sure you create that space for the good to pour in. As May McCarthy puts it:

“Put simply, you decide what you want and thank the CSO (Chief Spiritual Officer) for it in advance. The CSO’s job is to create the path to get to the good you’ve defined and provide you with direction to get there, one step at a time. Your job is to follow each step and sometimes ask for further direction if you need it along the way. As this process unfolds, you receive the good that you desire— and celebrate! When you do your job and the CSO does its job, you will receive what you want. I’ve proven repeatedly that all things are possible if I just do my job and allow the CSO to do its job. You can experience this, too!”

Have you decided what you want? Do you take the time to celebrate the process?

“If you want consistent results, you have to be consistent with your practice. As with any partnership, you will spend time each day getting to know each other and build a high level of trust. When I practice consistently, I experience my good more steadily, without emotional and financial highs and lows. I feel more peace, fulfillment, and joy, along with freedom, success, and prosperity. You can achieve anything that you want simply by having a constant practice that will support you in that goal.”

We know you can create a consistent practice to create more peace and prosperity and we want to support you in reaching your goals. That’s one of the reasons we sponsored workshop such as the Spirit of Business Conference and Prosperity Workshop and bring in amazing speakers like the best-selling author May McCarthy.

You will also receive a copy of the book as part of your registration for the Spirit of Business Conference and Prosperity Workshop. You can register here: https://swiha.edu/class/ev-131/

Guess what? You don’t have to wait until October 17th to get started. May and her publisher, Randy Davila, are offering a complimentary download of the first three chapters of The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance by going to: http://www.hierophantpublishing.com/the-path-to-wealth/

We pray you are feeling optimistic about manifesting true success in your life. We know that May McCarthy will share with her the principles for creating wealth and prosperity . . . Can it get better? Yes! We have gathered even more inspiring speakers for this event, including

Aandra Bohlen Hall-Sharif, creator of #BizBABE ~ A networking group for Bold, Ambitious, Beautiful, Entrepreneurs who is ready to SOAR; Lori Losch, Co-author of The Soul of Success Hardcover with Jack Canfield; Will Zecco, Co-owner of Yoga Rocks the Park and Yoga Manwear, as well as Head Success Coach for the SWIHA Success Center, and KC Miller, Founder of SWIHA and author of the Tao of Toe Reading and SpiritTank ~ Masterminding Your Success.


Ready to feel inspired and empowered? This experience will provide some useful tools and tips that will support you as a small business owner to impact and influence your potential clients which drives sales and increases your income potential. The best part? You will be sharing your gifts and graces in a loving and profitable way.

See you on the 17th!

Kerry ~

About the Author, Kerry Burki

~ SWIHA Success Center Blogger

Kerry Burke is Editor of the newly launched KERRY Magazine ~ a magazine that uses real women as models, supports small businesses, encourages you to feel beautiful as you are right now and even has a printable worksheet to help you go after your dreams! She been teaching yoga since 2004, currently teaches yoga + meditation at a local assisted-living facility near her home in Scottsdale, Arizona. Kerri has written two ebooks about self-care (one for everyday and one for creatives) and she has just joined the SWIHA Success Center Team part-time as a blogger, consultant and creator!

Kerry Blogger

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