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Spaces For Rent - Tempe

Rent is $260
Located in Tempe
Posted on July 2, 2018
(480) 221-4488

Office Space to Share – Broadway Rd. & 101 Fwy. • I am a pain relief therapist, looking to share a large office space. Would like someone in the massage, hypnosis, couching or health care profession. • VERY flexible hours and days schedule. • A quiet professional office complex across the street from the Naturopath school. • INCLUDED in rent, is electricity and weekly office cleaning. • It is a large treatment space with room for two treatment tables, with …

Rent is $25 an hour
Located in Tempe
Posted on June 25, 2018
(480) 478-2934

Description of Job: Yoga studio with two rooms for rental at $25/ hour. Flexible schedule of available hours during the week and weekends. With a small schedule of yoga classes and quiet neighbors, the studio offers a calming environment for your services. Privacy screen available to create a cozier area for reiki or massage in the front studio room. Qualifications: Proof of insurance and naming studio as an additional insured. Renters are responsible for bringing all necessary items for reiki …