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SWIHA Graduate Merihelen Nunez

has created a peaceful, healing place stocked with organic, fair-trade herbs for making herbal remedies at Green Goddess Healing Shop.

At Green Goddess she offers holistic services such as hypnotherapy, Reiki and guided meditation. Merihelen thanks Southwest Institute of Healing Arts for the excellent education she received to launch her on her way…and SWIHA thanks Merihelen for her wonderful work!

SWIHA Graduate Leah Agami

is the Founder of Trance-Formation Hypnotherapy. Leah had this to say shortly after starting her own business in 2010:

My practice is doing better than I could have hoped for considering it hasn’t even been a year since I’ve been in business?. I have anywhere from 12-20 sessions a week (at $100 per session) consistently and get an average of 3-5 new clients a week! The decision to go to SWIHA and take your class was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be, and I thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the knowledge you’ve given me. I wouldn?t be here today without you.

Leah Agami

Her business primarily offers hypnotherapy, but also has life coaching available over the phone and in person.

Other SWIHA graduates have found success through many pathways.

About Shelley

Shelly is a Yoga Instructor who graduated from SWIHA’s YTT program in 2006. She teaches yoga in a variety of settings including health clubs, yoga studios, and private practice environments. Shelly is a workplace learning professional who has incorporated her yoga teaching into her ‘day job’, bringing a workplace yoga program to many who would not typically create a practice for themselves. She says the supportive, comprehensive training she got at SWIHA gave her confidence as well as skill. In addition to sharing her deep and intuitive bond with yoga, a fun thing Shelly said outside of the interview: “I’ve tried to take the ‘ooga booga’ out of yoga, make it less daunting, and show people that yoga has a wide appeal.”

About Tim

Tim is a 2007 SWIHA Life Coaching program graduate. Tim found the program to be personally transformational with his relationships and goals. Even more rewarding, Tim really enjoys being a life coach. His practice took little time to get off the ground and soar into a full-fledged business. But Tim shared that his most inspiring moments come from volunteer work with homeless through a local social service agency. He coaches those who truly need it the most, helping people transition from where they don’t want to be to and enable them to see new opportunities and change their lives.

About Ramona

Ramona graduated from SWIHA as a Certified Hypnotherapist in 2005, then later the Life Coach and most recently, was ordained as a minister through the Spiritual Studies program at SWIHA. She has her own business as a Hypnotherapist and Life Coach and with her newest certification, she enjoys a fulfilling and lucrative business officiating at wedding ceremonies. Ramona says, “In this economy, there is nothing better than having your own business but it’s not just about making money, it’s about helping people.”

About Brian

Brian graduated from SWIHA’s Life Coaching program in 2006 and immediately started his practice. He sees clients as individuals and also gives inspirational and motivational group presentations across the country on topics such as greatness. Brian’s successful Life Coaching practice, ‘A New View to a New You’ specializes in self-awareness, relationships, and helping people realize their personal goals and happiness. Brian shared his heart and hi wisdom, with tears in his eyes for the truth of what he said, “Follow your heart, it will take you where you need to go.”