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Weebly – A “Free” WYSIWYG Website Builder


Weebly?s Builder is a drag-and-drop template-based platform that allows for almost full customization to create a website for your business–they do not allow the modules to be dropped anywhere and restricts them to specific columns on the page, but will keep content in the same boxes if templates are changed. Weebly does not offer any month to month plans at this time.

Estimated cost for a five to ten page business website with mobile capability, no advertising and your own domain per year: $115 ? $140

In our rigorous testing of various website builders, Weebly earned the top score with 85 out of 100. It scored very well for number of templates available, customization of site and changeability, but one of its lowest scores is support as they only offer support via chat Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. PST in addition to their support website.

Weebly doesn’t have a preview of all of their templates on their main website, but accounts are free to sign up for so you can preview what you’re working with before committing to a long-term package with them.

The interface for creating a site was very simple and made setting up a site quick and easy after selecting a template. Even though there are only certain areas you can drop the modules for content on the site, this restriction leads to a much cleaner-looking site that other freeform options and is more visually appealing that some other site builders.

If you’re looking for something that you can tinker with as far as coding goes, Weebly allows you to edit the CSS. Their support is a little lacking as far as person-to-person support goes, but their help articles and guides are some of the most comprehensive.

For additional information not covered here, please check out Weebly’s help section.

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