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Wix – A “Free” WYSIWYG Website Builder


Wix’s Builder is a drag-and-drop template-based platform that allows for full customization to create a website for your business?they allow the modules to be dropped anywhere on the page for the most part. Wix has the easiest and most visually appealing taskbar for setting up the website out of the builders reviewed.

Estimated cost for a five to ten page business website with mobile capability, no advertising and your own domain per year: $100 – $150

In our rigorous testing of various website builders, Wix earned an overall score of 76 out of 100. It scored very well for number of templates available, customization of site and add-ons, but one of its lowest scores was changeability, since once a template is selected you cannot change templates without losing all of the work put into your site.

Wix offers a preview of all of their templates on their main website, but accounts are also free to sign up for so you can preview what you?re working with before committing to a package with them.

The interface for creating a site was very simple and made setting up a site quick and easy after selecting a template. Modules and applications can be placed anywhere on the page, making this one of the most customizable builders.

If you?re looking for something that you can customize both the mobile website and your desktop website, Wix has this functionality. Wix’s application market is also the most robust of the builders reviewed and has apps for all kinds of things from accepting Paypal payments to displaying Flickr galleries. If you prefer to have phone support available without having to upgrade to a more expensive package, look elsewhere, but if you’re going to choose a single template and stick with it for the foreseeable future, Wix may be your best choice.

For additional information not covered here, please check out Wix’s help section.

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