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State Board Testing FAQ

State Board classes

Theory class
4/27 8:30-12:30 Theory Class 3
5/3 1-5pm Theory Class 4
5/19 1-5pm Theory Class 1

Written Practical Class
4/19 1-5pm
4/26 5:30-9:30pm
5/10 1-5pm
5/26 1-5pm

Practical Examination Updates (Effective April 1, 2022)

Pending Practical Examinations:

Professional Credential Services (PCS) is currently transitioning students who have paid for the Practical Examination but have not received an exam date to the new Written Practical Examination. Please note that these students are not required to submit an additional payment for the Written Practical, although the link for this exam will be visible under View Application Form on their account. Submitting a fee for this exam can cause delays in transitioning their account. Once their account has been updated with the new Written Practical, the link for this exam will no longer be visible under View Application Form. An Authorization to Test (ATT) Letter will be emailed to all students once the full transition to the Written Practical Exam is completed. Once they receive the ATT, they will need to schedule their exam at a location nearest to them on a date and time they are prepared to take the exam.

How to prepare for the Written Practical Exam:

Please download and review the attached National Interstate of Cosmetology (NIC) Candidate Information Bulletins. Students are not required to bring supplies or follow a specific dress code for the written practical examination. Students are required to bring a current, non-expired Government-issued photo ID with a signature to the exam site. Please refer to the Candidate Handbooks available on the PCS website for a list of acceptable forms of identification.

First Time Students for Cosmetology, Aesthetics, and Nail Technology:

First-Time Students should submit an online Exam Registration, including fees for the Theory and Written Practical Examinations, to PCS. Once reviewed by PCS and the Arizona Barbering and Cosmetology Board approval is received, students will receive Authorization to Test (ATT) Letters via email with instructions to schedule their examinations.

Rescheduling Students for Cosmetology, Aesthetics, and Nail Technology:

Students needing to reschedule the Written Practical and/or Theory examination should submit payment through their PCS account by clicking the Theory or Written Practical links located under View Application Form. These links will become visible after PCS has received their score from Prometric. Students must allow up to 10 business days for PCS to receive scores and not attempt to make a payment before receiving their official score notice from PCS. If a scheduled examination was missed, the student must wait at least 24 hours to contact PCS to have their exam status reset. The re-examination fee for the Theory Exam is $100 and $77 for the Written Exam. Once their registration is reviewed, students will receive Authorization to Test (ATT) Letters via email with instructions to schedule their examinations.

Instructors & Hairstylist:

PCS will continue to schedule and administer the “Hands-on” Practical Examinations for Hairstylists and Instructors until further notice. Students should refer to the NIC Candidate Information Bulletin located in the Candidate Handbooks on the PCS website for examination guidelines and a supply list. Currently, no changes have been made to these exams. Students needing to reschedule should select Practical under View Application on their PCS account to pay for this exam.

Students applying for the Hairstylist or Instructor Examinations will only have the option to select Theory and Practical when completing the online registration. Upon approval, these students will receive an Authorization to Test Letter for the Theory Exam only, and a confirmation email for the Practical Exam will be sent once that date has been assigned.

For Additional Information:

Please visit www.pcshq.com. Select APPLICANTS & CANDIDATES, Cosmetology & Barbering, then Arizona. Here you will find step-by-step instructions for the Application and Testing Process; select Candidate Handbook at Step 1 for the latest information regarding the individual professions.

If you have additional questions after visiting our website, please email them to cosandbar@pcshq.com, allowing up to two business days to receive a response.