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(Almost) Unbelievable! Multimillionaire Entrepreneur and Angel-investor May McCarthy is one of us…

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By KC Miller – SWIHA Success Center Blogger

Within the halls of SWIHA (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts) there is an unspoken secret, of sorts, about a special kind of power we all kind of know about, mostly believe in, and yet may not always tap into. It’s the woo-woo stuff that those outside our little SWIHA bubble might scoff at, albeit behind our backs. And yet, multimillionaire entrepreneur and angel investor May McCarthy puts it right out there, in a book, and speaks about it regularly.

From the very beginning of her newly release book, The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance, May McCarthy acknowledges the all-knowing power of the universe— Infinite Intelligence, the Universe, Spirit, God, Truth, etc.

“Whatever you call this power. I believe it is the same universal energy that flows through us all. Because I believe there is an intelligent and divine source that created the one and only you, you must by your very nature have something to offer the world that is unique and remarkable.”

May McCarthy

Wow, doesn’t this sound exactly like something you would hear one of us say? Wait, it gets better!


As the founding member of several successful businesses, the largest of which was staffed by over 250 employees with revenues that exceeded $100 million, May continues to explain what she believes: “I believe this higher power wants to support our efforts and enable us to receive all that we want easily and joyfully.”


Isn’t that about the best news you have heard lately? And, there’s more!

Successful entrepreneur, investor, business strategist, and now author, May McCarthy shares her story: “I have been blessed to experience wonderful business opportunities and successes, yet I didn’t do all the work and planning alone. Others helped me—and, more importantly, the all-knowing power of the universe that I call my CSO (Chief Spiritual Officer) helped me. This power guided me to do what I needed to do to receive what I wanted. All I had to do was trust the direction I received and work with the CSO as my partner.”

May’s book teaches us the simple steps to receive the good that we desire. She calls this power the Chief Spiritual Officer, or the ‘CSO’, yet encourages us to call it whatever we are comfortable calling it. She strongly affirms: “No matter what you call this power, I can assure you that partnering with it in a daily practice will help you gain a higher level of success and greater enjoyment in all areas of your life. Recognize that the all-knowing universal power is unlimited and that everyone can receive the good things that they desire without affecting the amount of good that you receive.”

Do I dare tell you more?

Actually, I do have May’s and her publisher, Randy Davila’s permission to share this information with you. They are offering a complimentary download of the first three chapters of The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance by going to: http://www.hierophantpublishing.com/the-path-to-wealth/

So here’s some of the really good stuff:

May passionately explains, “As you move out old beliefs, habits, and behaviors that are not serving you, more room becomes available for you to receive all that your heart desires. There is good for you waiting to pour into your life, and you deserve to have it.”

She goes into such a good explanation: “I’m in partnership with the CSO. What I have learned, and what you’ll soon discover as you take on and practice the steps in my new book, is that the CSO is completely trustworthy. The CSO and I each have a job description and responsibility in the partnership and are competent to do what is ours to do. How does the process work? Put simply, you decide what you want and thank the CSO for it in advance. The CSO’s job is to create the path to get to the good you’ve defined and provide you with direction to get there, one step at a time. Your job is to follow each step and sometimes ask for further direction if you need it along the way. As this process unfolds, you receive the good that you desire— and celebrate! When you do your job and the CSO does its job, you will receive what you want. I’ve proven repeatedly that all things are possible if I just do my job and allow the CSO to do its job. You can experience this, too!”

Don’t you just love the way this woman thinks! She has so much credibility and lays out very simple, do-able steps that we can all choose to do!

May continues with real world advice:

“Every successful business leader knows that a daily planning session and goal review with top management is vital to a vibrant and profitable company. Spiritual leaders agree. A daily spiritual practice is recommended in ancient and modern religious writings alike, as well as in houses of worship worldwide. Successful people (in all areas of life) set specific goals, review them in a consistent manner, focus on their skills, and act on opportunities to achieve their goals. Countless examples tell us how daily practice methods can bring the blessings we seek, and now this daily CSO practice will help you remain consistent and focused on your financial goals.”

May McCarthy

Notice that May uses the word ‘consistent’ in her explanation of her seven-step spiritual process. This is part of what she suggests we consistently do:

Step 1: Read something spiritual and uplifting to get in a receptive mood upon rising in the morning

Step 2: Write out gratitude statements in a letter to the CSO. Include those things you are grateful for and for things you are ready to have in your life. Give gratitude ‘as if’ they are already manifesting in your life. (NOTE: Use a notebook for your daily CSO letter. It will become your ‘journey journal’. As you look back over the letters you wrote to your CSO you will have even more to be grateful for because what you are gratitude for in advance will manifest! )

Step 3: Read your letter out loud with emotion. Feel great gratitude for all that you have listed!


Wow, imagine how your life will change by just doing first three steps of May McCarthy’s Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance!

I really can’t tell you much more or I’ll spoil the ‘punch-lines’ for you. Let me just say this, in Part Two of May’s book, you’ll go deeper into the steps to gain insight about your purpose, learn how to successfully navigate financial ups and downs, overcome the fear of failure, as well as eliminate old beliefs and behaviors that have kept you from experiencing the success you really want. Best of all, the steps outlined in May’s book will teach you how to develop your own financial intuition.

Within a year of selling her last company, May McCarthy felt guided to write a book, speak publically and teach workshops about how to partner with the CSO. Although she is not offering us any guarantees, from her deepest knowing she offers her experience: “If you want consistent results, you have to be consistent with your practice. As with any partnership, you will spend time each day getting to know each other and build a high level of trust. When I practice consistently, I experience my good more steadily, without emotional and financial highs and lows. I feel more peace, fulfillment, and joy, along with freedom, success, and prosperity. You can achieve anything that you want simply by having a constant practice that will support you in that goal.”


Buy the book, is my best recommendation.

Just click on this link: http://www.hierophantpublishing.com/the-path-to-wealth/

About KC Miller

KC Miller is the founder, and director of the award-winning private college, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA). She and the entire staff are committed to the mission of the college: To inspire individuals to discover their divine ‘gifts’ and then fully support the great graduates in serving in the world in a loving and profitable way.

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    Hello, My name is Alisa Fierro I am a L.M.T. and Reiki Master. I am not prepared to complete a submission form to present a pitch; however would be interested in attending this presentation.
    Do I need to register to attend? Thank you!

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    The original invitation was to have students and graduates come ‘pitch’ their businesses in the hopes of getting ‘Angel-investment’, as well as to get feedback about their business. While many of you may not choose to ‘pitch’ your businesses, come to the event. Sit. Listen. Observe.
    May McCarthy, author of a new book, The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance, will be sharing many of her concepts at a ‘Greet & Meet’ starting a 6:00 pm at SWIHA. The formal presentation will be from 7 pm to 9pm.
    This is an amazing opportunity. Please consider attending, invite a friend and pass the word.